Yay Summer!
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So excited to here some more music from BFlo. This sounds great! Can't wait for the new album! LOVE IT! Ahhhhh! The song is already getting stuck in my head.

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if the Oscars turn out bad, i'll still be happy that these HBICs will be back with some more sexual tension Law and Order: SVU.
especially with kathy griffin guest starring!

LOVE me some christopher meloni! him and this man

have been getting me through this quarter so far! LOVE IT! <3

OSCARS in a few days...
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so--- i guess i am somewhat- excited for the oscars.
after watching the golden globes (AWESOME WITH THIS MAN as host):

and the baftas, with somewhat of an upset when colin firth won instead of jeff bridges, i guess i am excited to see the outcome this weekend!

i hope the show will be funny with alec (a-wec bald-win!) and steve martin as host, although i feel like it's just going to come off horribly corny. ugh.

maybe i'll post my predictions a little later. i feel like there aren't too many places where there might be upsets, so i feel like it will be a rather lackluster awards show. ugh- especially with them going through 10 clips of best movie nominees instead of the regular 5.

i guess i would say i'm looking forward for the dresses, but now that my fav. designer is no longer with us (alexander mcqueen-r.i.p.), i won't be really looking forward to that either.

bring back ricky gervais and his mel gibson drinking insults from the globes! THAT would make it a fun night!

Was that just Thanksgiving? Oh hey December!
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oh wow. haven't been to my lj in a long time.

so---- i have about 50 pages standing between me and my college break. blah. that's actually why i'm here. i have about 6 pages done of a 15 page paper that was kind of due a few days ago. oh wells. why did i take a class on torture again?! (oh the torture!-sorry- had to do that!)

on a better note, i can't get enough of ramin karimloo and his phantom of the opera!!! love it! so great! maybe one day i'll just run away to london and try and make it as a musical theater star! hahahaha. we can all dream, right? and then i can marry a fantastic singer/performer! maybe i can meet a clive owen/ gerard butler- type before he becomes famous! the best! man, it's great to daydream!

on that note, i wish i was sierra boggess. she's only 7 years older than me and has played all of the roles that i would ever want to play on broadway- ariel in the little mermaid and christine in phantom of the opera. i know that's only 2 roles, but i would give anything to perform as those 2 characters! little mermaid and phantom are my favorite 2 movies of all time! man, she's so lucky! i'll just have to let out my creative side through my chorus at school, but at least i have that!

i really want to travel to nyc or australia or london some time! one day i will, when i can.

what else? i need to catch up on all my movies lately! the golden globes and oscars will here in no time! MUST CATCH UP!!!

oh! i'm sad because i just found out that michael buble is going on tour and i'll just be missing his concerts in chicago AND FL because of my spring break. tear. i really want to see him although his tickets are kind of expensive. then again, his music did get me through high school. it's so soothing! hahahaha. nice chill music! i used to love when his music came on during work every few hours! oh- good times!

i've been having bad luck with concerts lately. maybe 2010 will be a better year, not just with that, but with everything in general. bigger and better in 2010! it's almost here! can't wait!!!!!! new year here i come, high heels and all!

ok- better go back to writing before i get too sleepy....zzzzzzzzzz

Summer Excitement
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wow. i haven't posted anything in a really long time....

so what is new? nothing much.

my school is now having this Scavenger Hunt. It gets pretty crazy sometimes. I do find it funny that they have a LOT of David Bowie/ Labyrinth items on it this year. :)   They also had an item about the UB40 song "Red Red Wine." Man, I can just listen to that song over and over. great song! It reminds me of relaxing, which I should do more of!

Only about 6 weeks left of school, which is kind of sad, actually. I'll miss everyone over the summer. I wish people lived closer to me. tear.
Oh well- at least i live someplace warm and sunny! i'll have to work on my non-existent tan. AND watch movies. TONS of movies.
I'm particularly excited to see Wolverine, Star Trek, The Ugly Truth (gerry IS my man and all), the Time Traveler's Wife, Sherlock Holmes, etc. !!! Bring on the movies!! I'll also have to catch up with my TV shows. I have to catch up on a crapload of Heroes. I haven't watched it since it debuted again in March. I'll have to get my Sylar~Zach Quinto fix! and also catch up on Tudors! love it! i'm sad that it is only going to have 4 seasons. my shows never seem to make it for a long time. Except for Will and Grace, that actually was on for a pretty good run.
Oh- and I'll have to watch/ finish Season 2 of Mad Men! It took me a little while to get into it, but I LOVE it!!  I can tell why the critics love it- the writing is soo good!
Can't leave out True Blood Season 2! I had Bill saying the line "Sookie is miiiiine!" in my head the other day. lol. AND it seems that Askars actually cut his hair for this season- mmmmmm......nice! i'm sad that it looks like they aren't going to bring Lafayette back, though. tear. he had some great lines/scenes in the first season.

Also, I'm hoping this next week will be much better than this last one. The crap that went on just did not stop. Hopefully the sun will shine through in the next couple of days. :)

alrigtht- better get back to doing stuff....till next time.....

OSCARS recap
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 wow- so the oscars were last night....all -like- 4 hours of them. 

i have to say that i loved Hugh Jackman as host. he really brightened up the place, especially in the beginning. it's like he brought the tony awards to the oscars! there were a good amount of musical numbers. jai ho was fun to watch, except i didn't really love the mash-up between the slumdog songs and the wall-e song. not such a good mix. plus, no m.i.a.? then again, she did just have a baby.

So- the new version where they have 5 people announcing the winners was nice and made the ceremony more intimate, which i liked. the problem with it was that it took sooooo long to go through each award. ugh. plus, i guess it did have that slight element of surprise and suspense to see who was going to present.

so- the awards:

I was kind of disappointed that all of the awards were really predictable. come on, academy. the only surprise was in best foreign film. :(

Best supporting actress:
Penelope Cruz
this was pretty much a lock. she had picked up basically all of the supporting actress awards in all other awards shows. 
Plus, where was Javier? Hmmmm......Although it was her night, i wish i could have seen him there. he is gorgeous!

Best supporting actor:
Heath Ledger
I'm glad Heath got the oscar. I feel it wouldn't have been right to give it to anyone else, especially since he had been given the best supporting actor awards everywhere else.

Best actress:
Kate finally gets her 1st oscar!
i love her, but i have to say that i was expecting a better/cooler speech. i think she used up all of her good material getting the globes, bafta, etc. 

Best actor:
Sean Penn. 
i wanted this to be mickey, but, then again, we are talking about the academy. the same academy that loves sean penn. i knew he was going to get the oscar after i saw the people who they got to present the awards- all who seem to be sean penn's friends. poor mickey. forever he'll remember this week as the week when loki died AND when sean penn overcame him to get the oscar. tear. 

Everything else:
Slumdog Millionaire 
Slumdog was a good movie, and i have to say that it did look very unique compared to the other oscar contending movies, even though it was based on a novel. it makes me sad that there were no really original movies nominated- everything was either based on a real person or a novel. then again, it seems that this always seems to happen, so i guess it isn't such a surprise. 

anyways, this year will go down as a good, but slightly boring year for the oscars. i loved watching them, especially watching hugh jackman, but they really lacked in the shock factor. i hope in future years they will regain their past greatness, although it seems like they are trying to make the oscars better. they sure are making a lot of changes.

random bits:
- i loved seeing daniel craig there! i could tell it was him just from his walk to the center of the stage. love him!
- i also thought the comedy recap was pretty hilarious. seth rogen and james franco were great! nice.

oh well- i guess there's only 364 days until the next oscars.
start the countdown.


Procrastinating and waiting for the oscars....
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 Only a few more days until the Oscars (and the Independent Spirit Awards)!

Let the countdown begin...

I can't wait to see the dresses and who will show up. Apparently they will have a smaller/no red carpet this year? I don't know. I'm confused. I heard a rumor that there will be no red carpet for the nominees or something so that they will reveal their dresses/tuxes during the show to boost ratings. sad that the ratings keep on going down. remember the days when everyone watched the oscars? ..but i guess there are many more important things to do other than watching the oscars, etc. at this time....
Then again, I also heard that Tim Gunn will interview people on the red carpet this year. ...oh- contrasting rumors....

Cross your fingers Mickey Rourke will win over Sean Penn. For some reason, I just can't come to like Sean Penn. ????

Ugh- i better stop writing and go back to writing my 10 page paper due tomorrow. 

Oh- and awesome fashion news: Alexander McQueen will be coming out with a new line of clothing for Target soon! yay! i'm excited for that as well!

I hope Gerry will go to the oscars, after all, he did present at the globes!

OH- and- good/happy news: Colin Farrell is once again single! Yes, i know he is scuzzy and a womanizer, but i have to say i love his personality, looks, accent, and bamf-ness! After all, he was also my "big celebrity crush" before Gerry came along.....
oh british men, how i love you!

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 So....the BAFTAS were tonight. 
once again, soo good. :)

favorite parts: 
the beautiful dresses
kate winslet's win (why didn't she cry for this one?)
mickey rourke's win (so many curse words= awesomeness, he is a great bamf)
daniel craig presenting (omg!! soooooo gorgeous!! so lovely!)
in bruges winning for best original screenplay
the comment by mick jagger about brad pitt and angelina reenacting the sound of music with all of their children (oh- and yes- i am on team angelina!)
danny boyle's son shouting in the middle of his acceptance speech, saying "I LOVE YOU DAD!!!" cute and priceless.
amy adams finally wearing a dress and having make-up that i kind of liked

worst parts:
michael fassbender not getting an award (????) he's done enough, they should have given it to him. if only i could have voted for him by living in england....tear.
the lack of exciting parts of the presentation.
the pretty boring technical awards given for most/about 80 percent of the ceremony.
lack of british hotties/hunks presenting.
lack of fierceness

overall, a good, but mostly not surprising night.


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