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OSCARS recap
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 wow- so the oscars were last night....all -like- 4 hours of them. 

i have to say that i loved Hugh Jackman as host. he really brightened up the place, especially in the beginning. it's like he brought the tony awards to the oscars! there were a good amount of musical numbers. jai ho was fun to watch, except i didn't really love the mash-up between the slumdog songs and the wall-e song. not such a good mix. plus, no m.i.a.? then again, she did just have a baby.

So- the new version where they have 5 people announcing the winners was nice and made the ceremony more intimate, which i liked. the problem with it was that it took sooooo long to go through each award. ugh. plus, i guess it did have that slight element of surprise and suspense to see who was going to present.

so- the awards:

I was kind of disappointed that all of the awards were really predictable. come on, academy. the only surprise was in best foreign film. :(

Best supporting actress:
Penelope Cruz
this was pretty much a lock. she had picked up basically all of the supporting actress awards in all other awards shows. 
Plus, where was Javier? Hmmmm......Although it was her night, i wish i could have seen him there. he is gorgeous!

Best supporting actor:
Heath Ledger
I'm glad Heath got the oscar. I feel it wouldn't have been right to give it to anyone else, especially since he had been given the best supporting actor awards everywhere else.

Best actress:
Kate finally gets her 1st oscar!
i love her, but i have to say that i was expecting a better/cooler speech. i think she used up all of her good material getting the globes, bafta, etc. 

Best actor:
Sean Penn. 
i wanted this to be mickey, but, then again, we are talking about the academy. the same academy that loves sean penn. i knew he was going to get the oscar after i saw the people who they got to present the awards- all who seem to be sean penn's friends. poor mickey. forever he'll remember this week as the week when loki died AND when sean penn overcame him to get the oscar. tear. 

Everything else:
Slumdog Millionaire 
Slumdog was a good movie, and i have to say that it did look very unique compared to the other oscar contending movies, even though it was based on a novel. it makes me sad that there were no really original movies nominated- everything was either based on a real person or a novel. then again, it seems that this always seems to happen, so i guess it isn't such a surprise. 

anyways, this year will go down as a good, but slightly boring year for the oscars. i loved watching them, especially watching hugh jackman, but they really lacked in the shock factor. i hope in future years they will regain their past greatness, although it seems like they are trying to make the oscars better. they sure are making a lot of changes.

random bits:
- i loved seeing daniel craig there! i could tell it was him just from his walk to the center of the stage. love him!
- i also thought the comedy recap was pretty hilarious. seth rogen and james franco were great! nice.

oh well- i guess there's only 364 days until the next oscars.
start the countdown.



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