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Was that just Thanksgiving? Oh hey December!
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oh wow. haven't been to my lj in a long time.

so---- i have about 50 pages standing between me and my college break. blah. that's actually why i'm here. i have about 6 pages done of a 15 page paper that was kind of due a few days ago. oh wells. why did i take a class on torture again?! (oh the torture!-sorry- had to do that!)

on a better note, i can't get enough of ramin karimloo and his phantom of the opera!!! love it! so great! maybe one day i'll just run away to london and try and make it as a musical theater star! hahahaha. we can all dream, right? and then i can marry a fantastic singer/performer! maybe i can meet a clive owen/ gerard butler- type before he becomes famous! the best! man, it's great to daydream!

on that note, i wish i was sierra boggess. she's only 7 years older than me and has played all of the roles that i would ever want to play on broadway- ariel in the little mermaid and christine in phantom of the opera. i know that's only 2 roles, but i would give anything to perform as those 2 characters! little mermaid and phantom are my favorite 2 movies of all time! man, she's so lucky! i'll just have to let out my creative side through my chorus at school, but at least i have that!

i really want to travel to nyc or australia or london some time! one day i will, when i can.

what else? i need to catch up on all my movies lately! the golden globes and oscars will here in no time! MUST CATCH UP!!!

oh! i'm sad because i just found out that michael buble is going on tour and i'll just be missing his concerts in chicago AND FL because of my spring break. tear. i really want to see him although his tickets are kind of expensive. then again, his music did get me through high school. it's so soothing! hahahaha. nice chill music! i used to love when his music came on during work every few hours! oh- good times!

i've been having bad luck with concerts lately. maybe 2010 will be a better year, not just with that, but with everything in general. bigger and better in 2010! it's almost here! can't wait!!!!!! new year here i come, high heels and all!

ok- better go back to writing before i get too sleepy....zzzzzzzzzz

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Thank you for updating, haha!

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